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On aura une exposition- par les artistes Japonais a la galerie de Paris,

"Nouvel érotisme Japonais"

Entrée libre!

les vendredi 15 de 14h a 21h,
et samedi 16 de 12h a 19:30 , juin, 2012.

Maison D'ART Paris!
-En face au Métro Bastille (Sortie : Hôpital des Quinze-Vingts )
*Yoshifumi HAYASHI, Etsuko MIURA , Satomi KUWAHARA
et Kisako KIMOTO (gallery MAISON D'ART)
seront présentés a la galerie pendant l'exposition!!!

Contactez-nous si vous vous intéressez a cet exposition.

Artistes: Yoshifumi HAYASHI, Etsuko MIURA , Satomi KUWAHARA,
Atsushi TANI,AsakoHAYASHI,Sawsin KONDO.

-Yoshifumi HAYASHI:Installé a Paris en 1974. En 1976, il a commence a faire dessin par crayon.
Il presente principalement, a Paris, en Belgique, en Suisse et au Japon.
Expositions personnelles: Span art gallery, Tokyo, Japon, 2010. MUSEUM OF PORN IN ART, Zurich, Suisse, 2009.
Monde Bizzarro gallery, Rome, Italy, 2003. Galerie Jacques Casanova, Paris, France, 1988.

Etsuko MIURA:L'une des créatrices de poupée representatives du Japon.
Elle présente l'amputation, le trauma, la fragilité... Sa poupée a été choisie pour le livret de l'album
de Mylène Farmer, 'Point de suture', ↓2008 (photo par Atsushi TANI)→.
Expositions collectives: "DOLLS of INNOCENCE", Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Japon, 2002.

Satomi KUWAHARA:Elle peint l'image de la Venus par les matières traditionnelles japonaises.
Exposition personnelle: Aoki gallery LUFT, Tokyo, Japon, Exposition principaux: Atelier Z, Paris, France,
Span art gallery, Tokyo, Japon, 2011. Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Aichi, Japon, 2005.

Atsushi TANI-Il est l'artiste japonais qui a fait les photos d' album de Mylène Farmer, 'Point de suture', 2008.
Les oeuvres crées du chaos gothique et érotique. Il a ete beaucoup apprecie a CHIC ART FAIR Paris, 2012.

Asako HAYASHI-Elle dessine des filles kawai (mignonnes) et coquines par encre de Chine après avoir etudie l'estempe a l'Universite .
Elle a ete presente dans le livre - ecrit par Agnes Giard, auteur et journaliste, specialisee de la culture erotique du Japon.

★Sawsin KONDO-Son dessin tres fin est ne du stylo a bille. Il presente dans ses oeuvres des fantomes japonais qui nous inspire Manga japonais.
Sa sensibilite et l'humeur ont attire des Parisiens a CHIC ART FAIR Paris, 2012.…


sawsin's Profile Picture
soushin kondou
Sawsin Kondo(SAWSIN)

Born in 1974.
IFAA (International fantastic Art Association) belonging
Kyoto City University of Arts graduate school oil picture research course

<Solo Exhibition >
1999 「Diabolos」 (gallery Haneusagi/Kyoto)
2000 「Noroi(The Curse)」(gallery Haneusagi/Kyoto)
2001 「Shishin-Gohou(Four Holy Beasts)」 (gallery Haneusagi/Kyoto)
2007 「Sabbat of fantasy」(Aoki Gallery LUFT/Tokyo)
2008 「Mask fantasy」(Aoki Gallery LUFT/Tokyo)
2009 「Room of fantasy」(Aoki Gallery LUFT/Tokyo)
2011 「Rampo×Tarot」 (Bar Geneijo/Tokyo) Holding schedule in November

<Group Exhibition >
1998 「Minawa(Bubble of Water)-Four Artist Exhibition」(gallery Haneusagi/Kyoto)
2006 「Fantastic Indian-Ink Art Exhibition vol.1」(Reizan-Temple/Nara)
2007 「ARTBOX [New-Illustrators File vol.5]Publication Commemoration Exhibition」
(ARTBOX gallery/Tokyo)
2008 「IFAA Fantastic Art Show Tokyo 2008」 (Setagaya Art Museum/Tokyo)
2009 「IFAA Fantastic Art Show Tokyo 2009」(gallery Yasashi-Yokan/Tokyo)
「IFAA Miniature Exhibition Osaka 2009」(gallery Bern Art/Osaka)
「New Light Exhibition Seven painters」(gallery Bern Art/Osaka)
     「IFAA Paris Exhibition」 (Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree/France Paris)
2010 「IFAA Fantastic Art Show Tokyo 2009」(gallery Yasashi-Yokan/Tokyo)
「Expression Exhibition of Private Image Art」(gallery Bern Art/Osaka)
     「Art Sesshon 2010」(Aichi prefectural museum/Nagoya)
2011 「IFAA Oblique Exhibition」(Aoki gallery LUFT/Tokyo)
「Chapter of Edogawa Rampo complete volume Zaroff panorama exhibition
conclusion」 (Art gallery and coffee Zaroff/Tokyo)Holding schedule in July
    「IFAA Fantastic Art Show Tokyo 2011」 (Tokyo Koutsu Kaikan 2F
gallery/Tokyo)Holding schedule in July

2003 The cartoon work is published by magazine 「Pleasure of fear」(Bunka-sha)
2005 It participates in the design of the art pants project.(3RDWARE)
2008 Independent music Band「Kayoma-Sdyeane」CD jacket art production
2010 Magazine「Scary rumor vol.7」,「Knuckles The Taboo vol.2」,「Urban Legend
Perfect File」(Million Publication)Illustration publishing
2011 Magazine「Scary rumor vol.8 & 9」 「True story-Knuckles 2011/3」,「Knuckles The
Taboo vol.4」(Million Pulication)Illustration publishing
Digital book 「Urban Legend Girl Hihiru」(Yamaguchi-Bintaro Office)Cover
Death Metal Band「Nexrotus」(Canada)CD-EP jacket art production
Magazine「Trash Up Vol.9」Illustration publishing(sale schedule in June)

★I draw an order of the CD jacket art

Pencil Drawing (monochrome)~6.000 JP-Yen
Pen Drawing(monochrome)/Acrylic Painting(Color)~8.000 JP-Yen
Oil Painting(Color)~20.000 JP-Yen

The flow of the order

It is price payment in Pay-Pal.

I will hear the image from an orderer first.
I describe a rough sketch in the cause in it.
I have an orderer check rough sketch.
Thus I start work to draw in earnest if I do not have any problem.
I send a finished image by an email.
I make a freehand drawing work data (300 pixels)

About a correction
If there is it in the image that an orderer said at a rough sketch stage, one correction is free of charge.
When I revise an image and the setting that an orderer does not say at a rough sketch stage, I get 5000 JP-Yen additional charges about one correction.
In addition, please transcribe it into Jacket Art by SAWSIN at the stage of the design by all means wherever of the jacket.
It is free of charge about using the original picture for the goods including a T-shirt and the sticker, but please send the sample of all goods using the original picture to me by all means.
I receive orders in the above-mentioned condition.
Specifically, to

Current Residence: Kyoto
Favourite genre of music: HeavyMetal/HardRock/HeavyRock/HorrorMovie'sSoundTrack
Favourite photographer: Peter Witkin
Favourite cartoon character: Hokutonoken/Gundam/GhostInTheShell
Personal Quote: "IsTheRulerBarrelOfTheHellHowMuchBetterThanTheSlaveBarrelInTheHeaven?"(by Milton )


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I'll go to CHIC in Paris -Gallery MAISON D'ART certainly!!!
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I have not seen yet though I have heard the title of the angel Sanctuary.

Is there something that runs to my world?
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Your ;picture is so beautiful!
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